AANOD is a metalcore project founded in 2010 around 6 musicians. With its first 4 tracks "Oxidation" released the same year, the band tours a lot until 2012, where deep line-up changes prevents AANOD to release its new EP and continuing its ascent.

Idled, AANOD restructures gradually around 2 of the former musicians, Tom and Alexandre, in order to modernize the project. The band finally takes shape with 5 musicians, with the arrival of Jay, Jordan and Raphaƫl. AANOD can finally record their EP which traces five years of human and musical experiences made of disappointments and illusions.

A year after releasing their previous production "Dawn", AANOD returns with "Yesterday Comes Tomorrow" a powerful and melodic 7 title that follows the human evolution in an exclusive world, in which he seeks his bearings . The rare moments of grace of this journey, illustrated with intense and ambiant melodies, emerge amid sharp rhythmics, which symbolize the repeated fall of a humanity that does not draw lessons from its past. This is an everlasting cycle where "yesterday comes tomorrow."

I joined AANOD in 2012 as Lead Vocalist and parted ways as their decision for a new voice in 2017.

In 2016, AANOD signs with the music label Dooweet

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