I joined MUR in 2017 as Lead Vocalist

Mur was founded ten years ago (2009) by musicians from very divergent backgrounds, gathered by the will to produce music both extreme in energy and disruptive for the metal and hardcore scene. Its members met with the idea of pushing musical boundaries of extreme metal while still keeping some deep respect to its core codes.

The band worked until 2013 on a first release, their debut eponymous EP released in 2014. The EP is warmly welcomed by the press and is featured on the Terrorizer UK’s sampler.

The following debut album « Brutalism » is the result of years of composition from four of the original core members, Thomas Zanghellini (Comity, Mass Hysteria), Julien Granger (Today is the Day, Glorior Belli), Alexandre Michaan, and Philippe Bettinelli who left since then for health reasons.
Joined by new vocalist Jay Moulin, Benjamin Gicquaud and Guillaume Bouhier on guitars, Mur records in June 2018 the final stage of « Brutalism », an album with a hardcore organic atmosphere tinted with rough and dynamic post-black metal and industrial influences.

Mur, recently joined by guitarist Benjamin Leclère, is now composed of six live performers. The band signed with Les Acteurs de l'Ombre for the release of « Brutalism » in 2019 and is currently working on new compositions.


In 2014, MUR signs with the music label Dooweet.

In 2019, MUR signs with the music label Les Acteurs de l'Ombre.

In 2021, during COVID period, MUR is removed from the music label Les Acteurs de l'Ombre roaster due to lack of sell and artistic differ.

In 2022, MUR decided to change their Lead vocalist and most members as their own decision in COVID period, after recording Truth, without giving anything back from my investment nor royalties

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