AideInfo was an online IT service I founded in 2005 (I was 20). Its purpose was to help people fix their issues regarding use of computer or technical difficulties.

The first ever version consisted of easy access to an IRC channel directly from the browser and a bunch of admins, or technical support, was here to answer freely to any question.

A year later, I developed a tool for users to be able to directly call an online techie through Internet (still free).

Following this idea, and pushed by the tech team, I finally agreed to add a forum for users to be able to take time to answer. I was first against this idea because it wasn't any different from the already existing ton of technical support forums but I think it helped many people with the additional available services.

  • Browser accessible Live IRC channel
  • Aideinphone - A technical support VoIP service
  • Aideinfo Tool - A tool for a user to allow a techie to take the customer's computer over (under customer control only)
  • Angelot - A script to autoclean temporary files
  • Google Hacker - A browser extension to help find files on Google search engine
  • Online Antivirus - Added an option in context menu to scan if a file contained a virus (used database)
  • Some preloaded XP images - All AideInfo tools available
    • Cursed XP - Full with many programs (and an auto-updating program for those)
    • Cursed XP Light - With only a few important programs (and an auto-updating program for those)
    • Cursed XP Oxidium - Really fast for oldest systems
    • Cursed XP Oxidium Square - The fastest optimised version proposed for the oldest computer with the minimum activated services

The site, all the services and all files shut down for technical difficulties and lack of time for all of us to assure a good service.

If you want to support my work, you can spread it or considering donation :