I'm a french male born in France in 1985.

My full name is Jeremy MOULIN. I use Jay as my first name for multiple reasons:

  1. It's shorter. It's supposed to represent the first letter of my name.
  2. I was fed up of wrong typing of my first name so I kept the important letters (J A nd Y).
  3. It's easier in old video games high-score (which only allows 3 letters)
  4. There is a known homonym (almost same age) in my country whom practice medicine.

As I was always interested in IT, I worked 14 years as a web developer / web architect / CTO. I have a computer engineering degree.

I'm self-educated in almost everything I do. I learn by trying and mimicking. I'm not really talkative as I prefer to observe and listen, which allows me to understand things easily.

I love teaching things to other people and I developed many methods for people to learn / evolve in a comprehensive way

Before creating computer programs, I was interested in music. I started very young but it became more serious around 9yo.

I continued my musical activities parallelly to my computer engineering career and had a role in various bands.

I love to do multiple things with different horizons but I have a need in structure. I need to separate things which I consider not related. For this reason, I created several brands and I present all these brands on the home page.

This page presents all the products I realised on my own name (not relevant for another brand). Each tile represents a product.

If you want to support my work, you can spread it or considering donation :