Dee-Jayremy, then PsykoJay was the identity I used when I started music. I did some electro music as I was in that kind of music at that time. I started around 15yo with computer assisted music.

I first used Dance E-jay, then most of E-jay products and sample packs for my firsts "albums". I didn't know artists were putting between 10 and 20 tracks by albums and I noticed an CD was capable of 74 minutes long so I added the most tracks as I was able on them.

Then I wanted to be able to compose my own melodies and used the Music 2000 'video game' on PlayStation.

Some music are truncated or in a bad quality due to the permanent seek of archive and change of support for storage.

Producing sampled electro music is really easier than producing metal or real instrument based music so I was really productive those years.

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