Imminent Disorder

Imminent Disorder

Imminent Disorder was a Trashcore Band turning to djent.

I joined the band as Bass Player in 2014 just after EMMETT and I parted ways.

EMMETT left the studio and I stayed in it seeking for a band as Imminent Disorder was looking for a bassist in that same studio.

I left the band in 2018 after an empty year. No record, no gig, no motivation, but the finances were still flowing out as studio's fees are not free.


I am not part of this album

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Working Dead

Wake up!
The alarm rings the day begins
Preparation and go
Head on the roads riddled with hate ti be with assholes who make it through hell at work

Passes through a strange feeling
it feels almost happy at the idea of killing them
But remains calm
Work and make him fuck her boss his balls
he feels bad
And he knows that everyday is the same

This strange feeling thought it again and this is when he loses control
Frenzied madness takes
his skin and his eyes bleeding tears

Reality no longer exists around him
he begins by attacking a man and bites the neck

You can’t fuck with ass
and yet another moment he stops and looks at the child
he jumps, snatches the guts and decapited him and finish by eat the heart
All this shit just fuck her have finished their working dead

Others just bitten rises and attack the others people to turn
An orgy of blood product
Members flying everywhere
screams are heard in all the streets

The river of blood and death in the city
The working dead began to go further
until nothing remains


This society with all these fuck bitch
this people who are martyred by government shit
Which can take all thing
The edge of murder

Massive attack
Troop killer
Submit people and are living in poverty in the poorest countries
Our country with his corrupt government policy
just thinking about it make me shit

To talk about would be lost our time with their slogans shit and super crappy program saved the economy
Endless speeches to take us and benefit system

To make us believe anything
hours of work paid nothing for pay huge tax
Police pretending to serve has something versus the little asshole guy hyper violent

Even the police is useless
They are decorated for the city

All that to say that it’s us versus them
even if the chance are small
It must fight to the end


Nothing has changed for him sice all these years
Prisoned at home having fear
It is almost paranoia

Letting no one enter into his life
A future without family
Without making any choices

That could have consequences on his small comfortable world
He stays an observer instead of taking part in the game

Isolated in an unlimited abyss
He dedicated his life to the protection of all he has got
Forgetting to keep persons close to him
Forgetting the reason why

He never take the risk to leave anything to chance

Everything in his life has been planned
But looking at his past now he has to realize
The aftermath of his behavior

He has nothing and nobody
A blank page without any marks
What if a big spot of ink would have hidden the page?
What if he had taken more risk in his life?
What if he had used his opportunities?

Better make some choices
Take some risk and with the Aftermath


It is always an unforeseen meeting
Who can change your life of your projects
A person whom you trust
A person that you take care of not hurt

You pass time with them
And you make everything so that that lasts
but you know that that will stop one day

Those are person whom you do not want lost
And a day they leave far return later

But what even more hurts it is nobody whom we lost forever
Taken by the death

It is not family but the person which know you better than you
And now he does not stay more than to remember and an a big pain
That you will never forget

And it is at this moment
when you turn those that you found

Without never forgetting what you lost for everything your life
Without having had time of taken advantage of him
especially when you lost him too young
Because I have regrets

Sweet Smell of Anarchy

It all starts by the sweet smell of anarchy.
The soft flavor of chaos.
Which declares a fuckin’ endless mess.
Everyone adds his personal hate to the other ones’.

Let yourself drive by this flavor.
Make a maximum of people discover it.

We take part in this chaos as much as we can
The shouts of hate madness shall break the sound of music.
Provoking an intense pleasure which makes you feel like exploding it all.

Let yourself govern by that hate, even if it’s not logic at all
End up in complete anarchy
Even if anything you do doesn’t make any sense.
BReak free of all this pressure,
Of all the shit which prevents,
You from smelling that flavour.

Open your doors to anarchy
You have to punch strongly and powerful.
It will be the vendetta of chaos
An imminent disorder, the most violent way.


Always same racial prejudice
Nothing not to change since all this weather
For about persons the simplest it is to the make as everybody
Go never back in shadow, you are not alone
No persons on the earth is perfect is need accepted
[As they are, but in will never] started

To change everything, even that way of thinking until you (returned) into the mould of shit

More the time advance
more that becomes violent
We weigh for that the simplest it’s to stay silk
Not import the prejudices

Ours philosophy
run and doesn’t
Return you

Each in that way of seeing thing the life
All these ass all who decreases you prejudice all the time

It is necessary to forge ahead
All cataloged on the first meeting every time

want to be everybody
To hide it behind a mask

More the time advance
more that becomes violent
We weigh for that the simplest it’s to stay silk
Not import the prejudices

Ours philosophy
run and doesn’t
Return you