StreamElements Widget - Twitch Wordle

StreamElements Widget - Twitch Wordle

Allows to play to Wordle in a single StreamElements module


  1. Create a custom widget
  2. Open editor
  3. Paste index.html content in HTML code
  4. Paste index.css content in CSS code
  5. Paste index.json content in fields code
  6. Paste data.json content in data code (this is a 5 words french dictionary but you can use your own)
  7. Compile index.js into bundle.js with browserify (just do make build if docker and makefile are both installed)
  8. Paste bundle.js content in JS code


As a streamer, you can use the following commands:

  • !wordle_reset : Reset leaderboard
  • !wordle_next : Pass to the next word
  • !wordle_say : Say the correct word
  • !wordle_guess_[0-9]+ : Change to a specified number of guess (default 6) (example: !wordle_guess_3)
  • !wordle_letter_[0-9]+ : Change to a specified number of letter (default 5) (example: !wordle_letter_6)
  • !wordle_locale_[a-z]{2}} : Change to a specified locale (default fr) (example: !wordle_locale_en)
  • !wordle_podium : Displays the leaderboard

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